Thursday, February 2, 2012


I've carried quite a bit over from January. I realized that Eli wasn't quite ready for a lot of the printed materials and really needed more hands-on type learning. I think I have a better balance now. We started the pink language series, but he only does one activity during learning time (which is about 3 times a week). He has open access to all materials at all times, so he's in his activity room when we wants, playing/learning with want he wants. I do try to have a sit down time, as I said about 3 times per week. I do this mainly to show him what activities he has. Most of his time is self-directed.

Now to the pictures!

His shelves really needed organizing! I found these cute little bins on clearance at Wal-Mart. I LOVE the striped ones, but after going to 4 different Wal-Marts, I think I bought the last 3 in the area!

I found these great little trays at Target and they are perfect! The activities are 1)Shapes with control card and colored popsicle sticks- it's one of his favorite activties! 2) Pink language series- he has to match the word with the picture. 3) Blue triangles- make different pictures with the triangles- control card shows the different pictures he can make.

New organization bin- I bought this from Lowe's. It stores the Pink Language Series, and other activities.

Here's one row- 1st box is Magnetic/Non-magnetic- 2nd box is Missouri Birds and the 3rd box is Van Gogh

Learning color gradient- I picked up paint chip cards- 2 sets for each color. I cut one apart and left the other as the control card. Eventually, he will be able to put them in order without the control card.

                                           Control Cards

We hung bird feeders right outside his activity room so he can see the Missouri birds he's learning about. We do get a lot of birds, but they apparently didn't want their picture taken, lol!

Eli filling the log bird feeder- Milo made this feeder a couple of years ago. The mix is peanut butter with a high energy bird seed mix- it has dried fruits and nuts in it.

Eli watching for birds to come to the newly filled feeders

 Hammering nails and sorting nuts/washers, plus learning how to turn for putting them on/taking them off

This is another favorite activity. Flower foam, golf tees, marbles and ping pong balls. Eli has to  place the golf tee in the foam straight so the marble or ping pong ball will balance on it. For extra learning, I put numbers on the balls.

His dry erase board- He has a spray bottle to clean off his board. He LOVES his spray bottle. It's empty right now which is why his board isn't clean. He's a little obsessed with cleaning.

Geometry shapes- Melissa and Doug- Eli LOVES this activity!!