Saturday, April 20, 2013

Baby Chicks, Turkeys and Ducks!

Baby cornish cross chicks, turkeys, laying chicks and ducks. They have plenty of room, they're just all huddled together since I was taking pictures of them.

With the weather trying to get warmer, it's that time of year ~ BABY CHICKS!!!

Last year, we raised a few heritage breed turkeys and they were delicious! We decided to raise 20 Broad Breasted Bronze turkeys this year, yes, for meat. We also have 33 Cornish Cross chicks, for meat.

In addition to what we're raising for meat, we added 3 little Khaki Campbell ducks (for their eggs and because they're so cute) and laying hen chicks- 4 red-sex link, 2 Americaunas, 2 Brown Leghorns, so far. I'm picking up 2 Faverolles next week and possibly 4 Black Copper Marans- they lay the really dark chocolate colored eggs, with maybe a couple cross Maran/Americauna for olive egg layers.

While we've had issues with predation, especially with the laying hens, we've been extremely successful with raising poultry for meat. We really don't eat much pork, except for bacon. We do buy that from a local grocery store. We do the best we can with what we have. I would love to buy a pig from a local farmer this year (because we do like pork!), and a lamb. But for now, we have chickens and turkeys to raise. And our 3 little ducks!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Outside Play

The weather is finally getting warmer, or at least, we're having warmer days here and there. It's time to get ready for outside play!

Eli has 2 tables- 1 water/sand and the other just sand. I've used the sand table for all kinds of things, I don't think I've ever had just sand in it, lol!! I've used cob litter (found in the rodent section of pet stores for bedding, makes a great sensory bin filler), Insta-Snow, Cloud Dough, and now dirt. We really don't have a place for him to just dig in the dirt. I have an extra bag of dirt, so I may just dump it out in the yard somewhere for him. But for now, he has a dirt table.

I also just noticed in the picture of the dirt table are the water shooters (at the top of the picture). I bought those at the Dollar Tree. Just add a 5 gallon bucket of water and let them go! Tons of fun with water play!

The other table is his water/sand table. This year, I found colored sand. He was so excited that it came in purple, his favorite color! In the water, I put Nixall to help keep it clean and for it to not get funky/slimy. 


Nixall is Seriously Clean stuff!! It's the Anti EVERYTHING- bacteria, virus, and fungus. AND, it's NON-TOXIC, safe to drink!! They just received the EPA/FDA results that they even kill CRE! You know, the superbug invading hospitals that makes MERSA look like a mild cold. Yep, it kills that & MERSA by the way!

There's also loads of practical in home uses. Here are just a few:

Can be taken internally- great stuff to really kick illness, colds, flu, virual or bacteria based illness. We will put Nixall in a humidifier and put Eli in his play tent with the humidifier so he's breathing it in when he has allergies/cold/cough. We call it his "Nixall Tent"

Veggie and Fruit Spray to helps them last longer. We've had strawberries last for up to 2 weeks by spraying them with Nixall

Air Deoderizer- just spray. You can add Essential Oils too, if you wish

Preservative for Liquid Soap Nuts

Diaper Pails

Any type of Skin Rash, including Diaper Rash

Stinky Dogs- including ones who have been "skunked". Will take the skunk smell away within minuets

Smell of Smoke

The company has Veterinarian reports of using it successfully with Parvo, both in disinfecting facilities and treating infected dogs (giving it internally).

Wounds and burns, even sunburns.

Staph and MERSA- We have a friend who used it to successfully treat a staph infection she had in her eye.

Poison Ivy, Sumac, etc.

Black Mold- yes, the nasty stuff. Use Nixall full strength for this.

This is my MUST have for my home!

My Homeschooling A-Ha Moment

I really struggle with curriculum. What should we be doing? What should Eli be learning? Am I leaving something out? STRESS, STRESS, STRESS!!! My a-ha moment came when I realized several things:

1) I just LOVE the Montessori Materials
2) I resonate with the Waldorf Rhythm of Learning

I really struggled with what much of the Montessori style expected from such young children. I don't think a 4 or 5 year old needs to know the Latin for the Kingdoms of Life, for example. The Waldorf relaxed style fits for us much better and I use certain Montessori materials as units are introduced. 

I do like having an outline to help keep us focused. Here's the general outline for next year.

XX means we're off, or using this time to follow Eli's interests.

1 Aug 5XX
2- 12- OCEAN
13- 9
4- 26
5- Sept 2- FARM/ SPACE
6- 9
7- 16- APPLES
8- 23- XX
10- Oct 7
12- 21-
13- 28 - PUMPKINS
15- 11
16- 18
17- 25XX
19- 9
21- 23XX
22- 30XX

23- Jan 6XX
24- 13- SNOW/ ARTIC
26- 27
27- Feb 3 HUMAN BODY
28- 10
30- 24
31- Mar 3 BIRDS
32- 10
33-17- WEATHER
34- 24
35- 31 XX

37- 14
38- 21- EARTH DAY
39- 28
40- May 5- INSECTS
42- 19
43- 26- POND
44- June 2
45- 9- SPACE
46- 16-
47- 23- XX
48- 30XX
49- July 7XX
50- 14XX
51- 21XX
52- 28XX

Eli is really loving learning how to read, so we will continue with BOB Books, Explore the Code, Pink Language Series. We will also be adding RightStart Math. 

I have lots of hands-on activities and Sensory Bins to go with most of these units, in addition to utilizing community resources. There's also plenty of space to explore any topic further if he wishes. I've recently been inspired by Unschooling and could very easily see us going that direction, especially if Eli starts to go that direction. But for now, we're doing what works for us.