Thursday, October 11, 2012

We're still here!

I'm so sorry I haven't updated in awhile!! But seriously, the June/July updates would have read like this:

It's hot.
Yep, still hot.
Garden is baking in the sun.
Still hot.
Had to turn the hose on mist to help keep the chickens cool.
Chickens are miserable.
Hell, I'm miserable.
Eli wants it to snow.
I hate this weather.
Back porch temperature says 108 degrees.
And again today
And again
And again, etc.

August was better. September was nice. And now, in October, it's turned off rainy. We've even had our first frost- VERY early this year!

Yesterday, I made 15 pint jars of pesto. Not too bad since I thought we had lost all of the basil, but the plants made a nice recovery in August.

So, here's to nicer weather and MORE UPDATES TO COME! A little peak for upcoming posts... our turkeys are beautiful!

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