Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Homeschool Year Overview

Sooooo, after much tweaking, I think I finally came up with an overview I'm happy with, at least for now! HERE is the word document. I left it in word so you can make notes/change/etc. to fit for your homeschooling. It's on Google Drive, so I hope I uploaded it to where you can have access. Also, I think if I make changes/additions on the document throughout the year, it will save there as well. At the beginning, you can see where I have added notes for the first few weeks. I will continue this throughout the year, I hope, lol!

We do year-round school, with a longer break in July and then in December, with shorter breaks throughout the year. I have 34 weeks for homeschooling. We also have some camps scheduled. Eli is 4 1/2, and is above basic preschool, but not quite up to Kindergarten level. I'm using this basic overview as a spiral, from last year (started using WFA last Spring) through the next year or two- each year going more in depth for Science and Social Studies. LA and Math will be more linear type learning.

Subjects and what we're using:

Language Arts: BOB Books, Before the Code, Montessori Pink Language Series
Math: Montessori at Home book until we can purchase RightStart Math
Science: Montessori at Home, Montessori Print Shop, Wee Folk Art, Missouri Conservation Department (our state conservation department has amazing resources, including K-12 curriculum!)
Social Studies: Little Passports and Montessori Print Shop for Continents Study
Practical Life Skills: Montessori at Home

Here are all of the links I've used for this year long overview, plus awesome resources I will use to supplement:

Wee Folk Art Homeschooling Guides- LOVES these guides! Abbreviated WFA and is the 1st- sometimes 2nd column. I think of this as our "circle time".

Montessori at Home Book- A must have for us. I've used these activities last year and will continue through this year- and probably next. A great guide for Practical Life Skills, Math, Science- there are additional subjects as well, but I've used it mostly for those. EXCELLENT!

Montessori Print Shop- reasonably priced, beautiful printable materials. Another must have!

Additional resources: I have found it to be well worth the monthly membership. You can create folders to slide activities into for later use. Easy to use, easy to organize.

KidAdvance- one place where I have purchased homeschool supplies- love their puzzle cabinets- I have the Botany, Animal and Insect cabinets. I also purchased the sandpaper letters and numbers and colored beads for math.

Montessori-N-Such- another place where I purchased some materials- I really like their pouring/scooping/sorting sets. I also purchased the leaves puzzle which is just beautiful! I love her ideas, and how she pulls lessons together. Great for ideas and lessons!

1+1+1=1 and They have excellent literature based printables. They have other things as well, including religious supplement for those wishing to incorporate that aspect into homeschooling. We don't, but I do love the rest of the materials they have! There are even Kindergarten add-ons for many of the packs.

Counting Coconuts- another great blog on pulling together lessons/themes/units. LOTS of inspiration here!

Living Montessori- another great site for inspiration and lesson plan ideas.

Montessori for Everyone- printables, much like Montessori Print Shop. For me, these seem to be geared more for the elementary ages, even though I have found some to use and I loved them! They also have great Scope and Sequence Comprehensive Lists.

The Helpful Garden- has great free printables covering all subjects- including a Scope and Sequence List.

I'm pretty laid back about homeschooling- we do about 30 min, sometimes 45 min., 3-4 times a week. I also add in play based learning throughout the day. I will admit that the TV is on way too much, even though it is PBS Kids, and Eli loves playing Angry Birds on the Kindle!

So, that's what our homeschooling looks like!

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