Sunday, December 11, 2011

Natural Brew

Back in August a good friend told me about this Natural Brew Recipe. It sounded like pretty potent stuff! It's an Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Fungal AND Anti-Viral concoction. We made some up and the results have been short of miraculous. Anytime we feel something coming on, we take an eyedropper squirt. By morning, it's gone. A good friend had a serious sinus infection (she was so swollen from infection, she had black eyes). We gave her some and told her to take it every 15 min. She was infection clear within 2 days- whereas any other time she's been that sick, she's ended up in the hospital. We joke with her that the hospital bill would have been at least $20,000, so she can write us a check for $10,000- a savings of half, lol!!

Here's the recipe of this little concoction:

Equal parts of

Grated Horseradish root
Grated Ginger Root
(these 2 things really do need to be grated, everything else can be coarsely chopped in a food processor)
White onion- It needs to be white, they are hotter than the other onions

Habanero Peppers- I wouldn't do too much to them other than drop them in the food processor whole, you will be straining them later anyway. If you do want to cut them up, please be sure to use gloves.


Put everything in a glass jar. Fill with Apple Cider Vinegar until covered by about 1 inch. Let it sit out on the countertop for 2-3 weeks, shaking up a couple of times per day. Strain. Use by the eyedropper full when you first feel something coming on. 

Usually, if I'm going to feel sick, it's of an evening. I will take an eyedropper and feel fine by morning. This has really knocked out any sign of a sore throat, which for me, since I still have my tonsils, can get very serious very quickly. If you feel ill of a morning, depending on how sick you are, take about 3-5 times a day. My friend, who really was past all reasonable preventative care, took it every 15 min.
It surprisingly isn't as hot as you think it would be! However, we won't give it to our son, because it does have a serious kick. For him, we give him a variety of homeopathics for a cold (which is all he's had ever when he's been sick), use Badger's Winter Balm, and Grapefruit Seed Extract (natural anitbiotic/ 3-5 drops in a small glass of juice- we have Noni juice, but any juice would work- just make sure you dilute it)

Don't know what to get everyone for Christmas? You still have time to get a 2 week brew in!

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