Thursday, December 1, 2011

Our December Learning

I’ve been getting Eli’s December activities ready all this weekend. We are following Montessori style learning. Here’s what’s on our shelves for December to pick from each day.

Christmas Sensory Bin: Red/white colored rice, 2 boxes, sparkly poms, a pine cone, jingle bells, mini presents, holiday ornaments, bows, trees, some garland cut into smaller pieces, metal scoop, and yellow cup.

Language: Beginning Word Sounds- I’m waiting until January to officially start him in the Montessori Pink series, but will use these for December since he knows his alphabet and the sounds each letter makes. I don’t know how he knows this, other than from watching PBS because I didn’t drill him on it! Definitely want to keep that momentum going!!

Sorting: This activity came from Counting Coconuts. She also has a free download for the Nuts Nomenclature cards.

Science: Continuing with the Frog activities- matching and sequencing, as well as adding the Amphibian 3 pt. cards. These were from Montessori Print Shop. I also found some free materials from the MO Conservation Dept. about Frogs and Toads.

Tree Peg Board: I bought this at the Dollar Tree store. It will be used for fine motor skills, counting, addition/subtraction, and sequencing.

Christmas Activities: 3 pt Cards, 12 Days of Christmas counting cards, and Sorting Presents. I made these and as soon as I can figure out how to post them here, I will. If you really want them, I don’t mind emailing them, unless I get over-run with emails, lol!! Just email me

Silver and Gold: these are new colors for Eli, so I have Silver and Gold Jingle Bells and Presents. I made sequencing/matching cards for him. Also, insert Burl Ives singing Silver and Gold, you know, from Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer 

Arts and Crafts: Holiday Stamps from Hobby Lobby

Practical Life: Folding washcloths. I bought these from Wal-Mart, then with a straight edge and Sharpie, marked where Eli needs to fold the washcloth. There are several for him to do.

More Practical Life: I bought this little dish from Goodwill and it’s the perfect size to use for spoon/tong activities. Here, I have green/yellow flat glass beads for him to spoon. I also have holiday cutting stripes.

More Practical Life: I bought the holiday erasers from the Dollar Tree. For lacing, Eli will lace beads onto the sparkly pipe cleaner. I’m searching for red, white, green Tri-Beads for him to make candy cane and wreath ornaments.

Discovery Tray: I got this idea from Counting Coconuts.  Eli LOVES his magnifying glass! In the basket- cedar branch, pine cone, mixed nuts, cinnamon sticks, piece of Pompas Grass.

Geometry: Once again, from Counting Coconuts. I had the colored straws, so I cut them into smaller pieces. The control of error is that they are color coded with the correct number for each of the shapes.

Geography: Land Forms booklet from Montessori Print Shop. We will be “making” these land forms using green rice and for the water, blue construction paper I’ve laminated (with clear kitchen contact paper), all within a plastic bin. We did this today, and I used Eli's green play dough for the land. It worked well.

Button Tree: For some reason, I can get this to rotate. Felt Button Tree that I made this afternoon.

Christmas Felt Board: I had everything to make a felt board for Eli, and then when I saw this activity from Counting Coconuts, I knew the time had come for me to make the board! I have ideas for several more felt boards for the upcoming months!

Not shown: Green Homemade playdough with beads for Christmas tree making
Salt Dough Ornaments
Cooking- Eli loves to help me with baking! We will be making these Animal Crackers from Weelicious. We will also be making Christmas Sugar Cookies for Santa.

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