Thursday, December 1, 2011

Our Learning Enviornment

Pic. 1- Art Desk

Pic 2 In the corner is a Step2 table sandbox which we use as a sensory bin. Currently there is an additional tub of corn cob litter in it - I bought the litter from PetsMart in the guinea pig section. Also, I had Milo take the closet doors off. I sewed these curtains up and use the closet area for materials storage. I've seen other blogs where everything is nice and neat in little jars, all line up in a row. I would love to tell you my supplies are like that as well. But I would by lying, lol!! However, I know what's behind those curtains and I can usually find what I'm looking for.

Pic 3 Our learning shelves- There is a book shelf facing the other direction, as well as a "tent" in the corner. This is where some of his books are. He likes to hide in his tent ;)

Pic 4 Sticky Window- clear kitchen contact paper facing sticky side out, art easel, and dress up corner with mirror. The toy box is mine from when I was his age! It holds his dress up clothes, which right now is mostly play scarves and hats.

This isn't a true Montessori learning environment. Eli has access at all times, not just learning times. Also, I'm not as organized as what Montessori style recommends. It's a smaller room. I would LOVE to have a larger room/basement, but that just isn't the case, so I've done pretty good with what I have! It works for us and Eli loves his room!

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